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Constructed Reality

Constructed Reality is a collaboration with artist and designer Emily Parkes.


Constructed Reality is an interactive installation that is dependent on the observer. Only through observation will the installation come into form, mimicking the relationship between the individual and their reality. Quantum physics suggests the very act of perception and observation influences the universe at the most fundamental level. Through experiments it has become known that a physicist’s observations determine whether an atom, say, behaves like a fluid wave or a hard particle, or which path it follows in travelling from one point to another. This results in a view of the the universe as an extremely interactive place, where the act of observation can vastly affect an outcome. In this sense, reality is constructed by one’s perception and presence. This immersive installation is constructed of three trees. These trees only exist when a viewer is present, acting as a product of a human observation. Without the important act of the observer, the installation will not become a reality.



Motion sensor, fans, plastic sheeting.

Dimensions unique to location.


© Ralph Parks 2017